Car Hire

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When you are looking for a car hire you need Comfy Ryders.  It's as simple as that. YOU NEED to hire a transport!  Do you want one of those "Who knows what you'll get" National car hire companies that send the pizza delivery boy to pick you up?  How about a professional CAR HIRE company.  Someone who cares about safety.  A company who is punctual!  A Car Hire company who LIVES HERE and has lived in the central Florida area for decades!  A Transport Company who knows the roads and where the construction zones are along the way.  How about someone who knows the back roads to avoid bottle necks and backups!  YOU WANT COMFY RYDERS!  We are the fastest growing private transport company in central Florida.

Fully Licensed and Insured!

Not only are we highly rated in the area, you will find our knowledge of the area to be a valuable resource.  We know your time here is limited! Driving around is one of the last things you want to spend your time doing.  So to make the best use of this time with us!  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the area, as well as, suggestions on what NOT to miss.  We know the best places to eat. We know the local places you can't find anywhere else.  We know the best beaches, the best parks, and so much more.  YOU WILL BE THRILLED with the service we provide (above and beyond) getting you safely and comfortably to your destination.

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The shortest is not always the quickest.

Living in the Central Florida area for more than 20 years we know the best roads to take to get anywhere you need to go.  Better yet we also know when to take the alternate roads to avoid the traffic backups that happen during rush hours in the morning and afternoon each day.  We will always choose the most efficient routes to get you where you need to go on time!  Trust Comfy Ryders for your next car hire experience.  You will not be disappointed.